How to create template in joomla

Hi everybody,i will guide you to make a joomla template.

If you are new in joomla and you have been asked to create a joomla template then dont worry just follow the below steps:

1) go to the templates folder — you will get a list of template available(like beez,ja_purity,rhuk_milkyway…etc).Just copy any one of them and make a new folder,name it and paste it .

2) You will get a xml file which used to be named as templateDetails.xml .templateDetails.xml is a very important file and it is used to have all the information of the files in the template.Without this you can not run the template becuase it is required while installing.You need to update the folder name or file name here according to the path.

3) Now open the index.php file and your html file in the separate tab of your IDE. copy the header part from your html then paste it in the index.php. Do same with the body part and the footer part.But this is now the raw html template you need to write joomla codes to make it a joomla compatible template.

4) Copy the codes which is already in the other templates index.php file.Suppose you want to call main menu in joomla front end.So for this you can follow the below steps:

<jdoc:include type=”modules” name=”position” /> — Just paste the code in the index.php where you want the main menu to appear .

There you can put the position as per your likings.Suppose you want to assign position main_menu from admin then just write name=”main_menu” in the code part.

Go to Admin Panel and add a new module.There you can see module type “MENU”. Just select “MENU” and then in next screen you can see the position drop down.Apply¬† the position as per your code and then from the next tab select the menu you want to appear in this part (i.e. – Main Menu or User Menu ) .

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