How To Make Theme in Drupal

Hello Everybody .

I will share my understanding with drupal theme management .

Suppose your theme name is theme1.You have the htmls of the theme and now you want to convert that to drupal theme .Please follow below steps and share your ideas .

1) Go to your drupal theme directory. Copy and rename any existing theme .Suppose you already have a theme A so copy it and rename it to theme1 .

2) There you will see a info file.Change the info file to .This info has the information about the drupal version and the regions like “top-menu”,”footer” .Suppose from drupal admin you want to assign top menu items to top-menu regions,write the below lines in your drupal page.tpl.php :

print render($page[‘top-menu’]);

So is all about regions and drupal version,drupal theme name etc .

3) Now page.tpl.php .

Just paste the HTML part starting from body to end body in this page.Please don’t include the meta tags and link href,style-sheet here .

Suppose this is your html in page.tpl.php :



<div id=”wrapper”>

<div id=”menu”>print render($page[‘top-menu’]); </div>

<div id=”content”>print render($page[‘content’]); </div>




Like the above i have rendered the regions top-menu and content into the page.tpl.php part . So from drupal admin go to structure=>block and then click on add new block .You will see the regions in the drop down,select it and assign accordingly .In this way you can assign it from admin .

This is a very basic part of drupal theme management .

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