Elance Joomla 1.5 test

1) The index.php file is a combination of HTML and PHP code.

ans: True

2) What is the default super administrator account for Joomla called?

ans: Administrator

3) Which of the following PHP directives are important to Joomla execution to define an alternate compression library if the standard library is not available?

ans: extension_dir


4) Which of the following files is archive and contains the actual CB component that you must install into Joomla while downloading CB?

ans : com_comprofiler


5) Which option will you choose to set the site metadata for the installed website?

ans: global configuration


6)What will happen if we set the SSL enabled option to On?
ans : This option will make the link from the menu begin with an https://


7) The core editor events apply to plug-ins that provide editor functionality such as TinyMCE or XStandard Lite.
ans: True
8) Which PHP file does the index.php file load to provide the menu bar to the administrator interface?
ans: Toolbar.php


9) Which of the given database systems is supported by Joomla?
ans: Mysql
10) Which of the following is the default editor of Joomla?
ans: TinyMCE


11)  Joomla provides an abstracted method called getEscaped() that returns the escaped string regardless of the target database.
ans: False

12)  From which package are the classes (i.e JSite, JAdministrator and JInstallation) which make up the Joomla CMS application extended?
ans: Installer

13)  What is not true about JoomlaXplorer?
ans: None of the above

14)  Which of the following is a system event?
ans: OnDisplay

15)   Which Joomla file provides the central logic of the template, including any module and component display?
ans: Index.php

16)   When will you use SMTP authentication mail settings?
ans: When you want to use an internal mail server



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